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Court Records of Prince George's County, Maryland 1696-1699.
Volume 202, Page 664   View pdf image (33K)
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Georges County, xi, xv, xxxiii, cxiii; evidence,

VI, c. 12, c. 15, xcviii; 23 Hen. VI, c. 10, Ixxxv;

xcix; execution, cvii-cix; failing to report taxa-

32 Hen. VI, c. 30, xcviii; 3 Hen. VII, c. 1, xli;

ble, xlviii, Ivii, 166; fathering bastard child, xlvi,

19 Hen. VII, c. 9, Ixxxiii; 23 Hen. VIII, c. 10,

see also sub Presentments; fee schedules, xxxv,

Ixxxv; 23 Hen. VIII, c. 15, ciii; 35 Hen. VIII,

xxxvi, xxxvii, xxxviii-xxxix, xlii, Ixxviii, Ixxxi,

c. 6, Ixxix; 37 Hen. VIII, c. 8, Ixxv; 2 P. & M.

cvi-cvii; fornication, xlvi, Ivi, Ixxiii, 169; grand

c. 13, xli; 4 and 5 P. & M., c. 7, Ixxix; 5 Eliz. I,

juries, Ixxii, Ixxiv, 2, 187, 520; hog stealing,

c. 9, xlvii; 14 Eliz. I, c. 9, Ixxix; 18 Eliz. I, c. 5,

xlviii, Iv, Ixxii, Ixxviii, Ixxix, 548; Indian trade,

Ixii; 18 Eliz. I, c. 14, xcviii; 27 Eliz. I, c. 5, xc,

xlvii, Ix; judicial attendance, xxiii; judicial

xcviii; 28 Eliz. I, c. 5, Ixii; 31 Eliz. I, c. 10,

system, xi; jurisdiction of county courts, Iviii;

Ixii; 4 Jac. I, c. 3, ciii; 21 Jac. I, c. 4, Ixii; 21

jurisdiction of Court of Appeals, xviii; juris-

Jac. I, c. 13, xcviii; 21 Jac. I, c. 23, cxi; 16 and

diction of Provincial Court, xx, Iviii; jurisdiction

17 Car. II, c. 8, xcviii; 22 and 23 Car. II, c. 1

of single justice, xx, Iviii; jurisdiction of two

(Coventry Act), xlv; 22 and 23 Car. II, c. 7,

justices, xxi; keeping court records, xvii-xviii;

xlv; 1 Wm. & Mary, Sess. 1, c. 8, xxiv; 4 and 5

lands, resurvey of, Ixvii; laws of England, xliv-

Wm. & Mary, c. 4, Ixxxv; 7 and 8 Wm. Ill, c.

xlv; limiting appeals, xx, xxii; maintenance of

22, xxiv, Ixii; 7 and 8 Wm. Ill, c. 34, c; 8 and

highways, Ixi, Ixiii-lxiv; marriage with slave,

9 Wm. Ill, c. 11, ciii

xlvi; master-servant relationships, xiii, 182-83;

Administration, letters of, xcvi, 244, 266, 304, 356

militia training, cvii; mistreatment of servant

424, 533, 568

or slave, xlviii; neglect of office, xlvii, Ixi; offic-

Administration of estates of intestates, xxii, xcii-

ers' fees, Ixxx-lxxxi; offices of profit, xxix,

xciii, 23, 61

xxxv-xxxvi, xxxix, xlii; orphans' estates, Ixvi-

Administration of justice, xvii

Ixvii, Ixxii-lxxiii; overseers of highways, Ixiii-

Administrators, actions against, xcii

lxiv; parish levies, Ixvi; parishes established, xi;

Affirmation, use of, xcix

penal statutes, lix-lxii; pressmasters, Ixiv; pri-

Alienation money, 7

ority of debts, xciii; process in criminal causes,

Anne Arundel County: coroner, xxxii; deputy sur-

Ixxiii ; procurement of law books, xxvii ; proof of

veyor, xxxiii; sheriff, xxxii; undersheriff, xxxii

account, xciv; providing appeals, xx; public

Anne Arundel County Court : action in, 145; appeal

roads, Ixiv, Ixix; public tobacco, tampering

from, c; attorney, xxxi, xxxii; clerk of the court,

with, xlvii; reformation of jeofailes, xcvii, cxii;

xxxii; deputy commissary, xxxii; justice, xxxii

refusal to take oath or execute office, xlvii;

Appeals, see sub Court of Appeals, Court of Chan-

regulating appeals, cxi-cxii, 74, 237, 240, 319;

cery, Provincial Court, County Courts, Civil

regulation of offices, xlvii; regulation of or-

procedure, Criminal procedure

dinaires, Ix-lxi, Ixiv, Ixxii, 156, 168, 249; regu-

Apprentices, Ixvii, Ixxii

lation of servants, xlvi, xlvii, Ix, 93, 182, 227,

Arbitration, Ixx, cii, 163-64, 579

233, 346, 613; regulation of slaves, xlvii, xlviii,

Attorney general, xxxii, xxxiv, xxxv, xxxviii, 14,

Ix; remedial statutes, Ix, Ixii-lxiii, 142-44, 235-

215, 430, 435, 615

40; Sabbath violations, Ixi; servant's freedom

Attorney, liberties and privileges, 524, 587

goods, Ixxi; service of process, Ixxxiv; set-off,

Attorneys' fees, action for, lix, 47, 67, 117-18, 219-

xciv-xcv; small debts, Iviii; spreading false re-

21, 267, 305, 331, 364, 418, 509, 540, 587, 610-

ports, xlvii; statute of limitations, xci-xcii, 81,


266, 304, 567; stealing, xlviii, 459, 493-94;

Attorneys in county courts, qualifications of, xcvii

taking horse without leave, Ivi, 484; tenure of

Auditors, see sub Civil procedure

sheriff's office, xxxviii; theft, xlviii, Ixxviii,


Ixxxii; tobacco marketing, xlviii, Ix, 62, 143-44;

Bail, see Recognizances, Mainprize sub Criminal

trespass, xlviii; usury, Ix; weights and measures,


Ixiv; wolf bounties, Ixiv

Baltimore County Court : attorney admitted, xxxi,

Acts of Parliament: Acts of Trade, xxi, xxii, Ixii;

xxxii; contempt, xxiv; fines, xxiv; grand jury

appointing oaths, xxi; local in nature, xlv; mak-

summons, Ixxiv; justices refusing to serve, xxiv;

ing felonies, xlv; Navigation Acts, xviii; penal

nonsuit, c ; orphans' jury, Ixxiii ; parties in propria

statutes, lix; regulatory acts, xviii; where laws

persona, cxv; persons crossing into Pennsylvania,

of province silent, xlv; 4 Ed. I, St. 2 (Statute de

Ixviii; persons found presentable, Ixxvi; rules

officio coronatoris) , xli; 6 Ed. I, c. 1, ciii; 13 Ed. I,

and orders, Ixxxiii-lxxxiv, xcix, cxv; scire facias,

St. 1, c. 31 (Westminster II), xxi, cxii; 13 Ed.

xxiv; trial by justices, xcviii; trial procedure, xciv

I, St. 1, c. 45, cix; 13 Ed. I, St. 2, c. 1 (Statute

Bill of exchange : protested, lix, Ixxxix, xcvi, xcvii,

of Winchester), xliii; 15 Ed. II, c. 1, xxx; 1 Ed.

civ, 148-49, 230-32, 468, 569-71, 603-05; re-

Ill, St. 2, c. 16, xlv; 4 Ed. Ill, c. 2, xlv; 14 Ed.

ferred to, 562; recorded, Ixx, 163, 571

Ill, St. 1, c. 1, xcviii; 25 Ed. Ill, St. 5, c. 17,

Bill of review, xxii

Ixxxiii; 34 Ed. Ill, c. 1, xlv; 36 Ed. Ill, c. 15,

Bill obligatory, see Writing obligatory

xcviii; 4 Hen. IV, c. 18, xxx; 11 Hen. IV, c. 3;

Birth recorded, 348, 519

xcviii; 1 Hen. V, c. 5, Ixxv; 2 Hen. V, St. 1,

Board of Trade, xxvii

c. 2, cxi; 2 Hen. V, St. 1, c. 8, xli; 9 Hen. V,

Bridge, repair of, 350, 375-76, 513-14, 541, 547

St. 1, c. 4, xcviii; 4 Hen. VI, c. 3, xcviii; 8 Hen.

Bridewell, Ixx



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Court Records of Prince George's County, Maryland 1696-1699.
Volume 202, Page 664   View pdf image (33K)
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